the rain in spain falls mainly where i am…

I have been here one week. There is a lot to say.

I arrived last Wednesday, after one plane ride without any windows at all, and one plane ride with a whole row of leather seats to myself. There was a lot of crying involved.

I am still homesick.

It´s strange being here again, speaking mostly English, hearing snippets of the accent, seeing glimpses of the life, that I remember from so long ago.

It´s like pretending to be in Spain.

All the students in my TESOL class are American. It is disappointing and comforting all at once. Rachel, my roommate, is from Albion, and we have much more in common than I ever would have thought. She is like a little bit of home. We laugh a lot. A lot.

I unpacked the day I arrived and my mobile hangs brilliantly in between the French doors onto my balcony. The glass is beautiful in the morning sun.

I saw Enric soon after I arrived and he (and his girlfriend) took me to Montjuic, to Born, to Barceloneta, and to the best restuarant/bodega I have been to in a long long time.

Just a taste. More to come. Esperate un poquito…


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