Should I stay or should I go?

So, I´ve probably written emails to many of you with this same problem, but I can´t seem to decide, so I´ll post it here and see if I can get some advice:

When I originally came to Spain, I had planned to be here for a year. I didn´t really know where I would go, but I figured Barcelona would be a good place to start. Turns out, I don´t really like Barcelona. Since then I have been thinking seriously about moving to Galicia or Asturias, but I have been told less-than-optimistic things about the area. Then I got it in my head to go to Germany, and I can´t seem to get it out. Where should I go? Here´s my pros-cons list:

-higher pay, but higher cost of living
-never been there (adventure!), but that might be scary
-don´t know ANY German, but I could learn
-sounds beautiful, but I might end up in a dirty city
-want to meet Europeans, but, again, might end up with tourists
-don´t know any of the culture, but could figure it out (trial and error, friends)
-know people there, but not very well
-i think i like spanish food better than german food

-supposed to be beautiful, but may be isolated
-more rural and ancient
-people say there isn´t a big market for TESOL teachers (less competition? or just hard to find a job?)
-culture is a lot like Scotland (celtic)
-far from the metropoli (?) of Spain (may be hard for people to visit)
-don´t know anyone there at all
-don´t feel like i should give up on Spain just yet
-never been there, either
-most ignored province of Spain (poor? uneducated?)

Anyone have other reasons for choosing either one? I´m really stuck but I feel like I need to make a decision ASAP. Help me out here!!!


7 thoughts on “Should I stay or should I go?

  1. you don’t know which clothes even fit me
    I’d go where you’re sure of employment. Of course, that may simply mean lining up the job before you go. Galicia sounds like more fun.

  2. Details, details, details
    Jess, where are the details?!
    Your dilemma is a familiar one–I daydream at my Chinese world map every night, trying to figure out what’s next. Even settling on a continent would be a relief right now. I’m torn between Petersburg and Argentina.
    But, for god’s sake, don’t make a decision based on how ancient the culture is. There are Roman ruins aplenty in Germany and Spain alike — I mean, they’re all a good deal older than you, and a good deal deeper than you can comprehend in a semester.
    You’re in a training program now, right? Why don’t you apply for jobs, and then go with the best offer at the end of the program? This isn’t an appeal to let the money decide, but rather to see what the circumstances of each offer would be.
    Anyway, my two cents. And give me a head’s up if you hear about any kind of work I could do in the area …

    • Re: Details, details, details
      Oh, and at the risk of comlicating things further– if you’re thinking of going somewhere new again, outside your linguistic comfort zone, why limit it to Germany? What about Prague, Vienna, some sunny spot in Southern France or a village in Switzerland? What about Krakow and Budapest? And the hills of Athens?

  3. Its all about the Germans
    Hey I say go to German. I love that place. Its beautiful, castles culture leiderhosen. How can you go wrong with leiderhosen. As for the food, you obviously have never tried my moms red cabbage or napkin dumplings. Roladen are also something you should check out. Now thats some damn good german food. And to top everything off, next summer is world cup. Can you imagine being in germany for the world cup!! its going to be crazy!!!

  4. not so tough as it seems
    i think your leaning toward germany because of your german heritage among others. see who offers you the best deal and go for it. nothing is written in stone, if it doesn’t work out you can always make a change. just think, Oktoberfest is coming to munich and it’s a blast. been there…done that! travel from germany to other countries is something to consider. put up a map and toss a dart and see where it lands.

  5. GERMANY!!! The food is great the cities are clean and public transport is awesome. Q loved it in Lubeck and Munich is in my top 5 cities for sure. Q said it was pretty inexpensive in terms of food stuffs. Aldi / Lidl all the way 🙂

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