full of grace

The past two days have been steadily dark and rainy. The storms seem to come only at night, but with a noise and a wind so strong that I am awoken every time. The air is cool and crisp and clear, like a sigh of relief from the oppressive Mediterranean humidity. I always love the way a rainy day makes things smaller, more intimate, more comfortable, less threatening. The coffeeshops look more inviting, the bookshops more alluring, the people more excited. There is an anticipation in the rain that reminds me of fall. I feel much better when it rains.

Perhaps it was the rain, then, that made me finally decide to go to Galicia. I´ve been watching the other students depart for Madrid, finding jobs, finding apartments, finding their lives. Three people had called me for an interview, yet I wasn´t excited about any of them. I realized that as much as I wanted to want to stay in Barcelona, my heart was in a new adventure. I needed to go to Galicia. The minute I made the decision, a huge weight was lifted. Since then I´ve found a train leaving Sunday morning, booked a hostel for Sunday night, and called people about apartments in Santiago de Compostela. I´m going to Galicia!

There were night trains available but in the end I think I will take the one that leaves Barcelona at 7:03am and arrives in La Coruña at 10:30pm. I will get to see almost all of northern Spain! I am extremely excited and I really feel that this is the right decision. Santiago will be the perfect combination of beautiful scenery, old village architecture, history, nightlife (there´s even a salsa club!), student life (a prominent university), job opportunities, and economic benefits (it´s WAY cheaper than Barcelona).

I almost want to leave as soon as possible, but I need this time to say goodbye to Barcelona. I will not miss the city, but I will definitely miss the friends I´ve made so far. I will spend the weekend among them, and then will take my leave early Sunday morning with my new copy of Anna Karenina and a light heart. What adventures await!


4 thoughts on “full of grace

    Jessie, This is Dave, I don’t have an account here, but want to write just a short message. Glad to hear you found a position in a part of Spain you wanted. Now my work begins to see how and when we will be travelling to Spain. Know for a fact it will not happen until 2006, but when is up in the air. Again, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is from Dany
    This is your Dad, Dany, I’m so glad you made a decision about Santiago the Compostela, Galicia. I could tell in my heart you were not happy in Barcelona. Besides, I know you are a small town girl, you are like me, “big fish in a small pond”. Beth told me you haven’t been been getting my emails. Well, perhaps I should join this site, so it will be easy to correspond with you. I sent you a pic of you and your 2 cousins from your going-away-party.
    Every time I read your journal entries, I feel your emotions, alsmost like I’m there with you. You are such a gifted writer. Anyway, I’m happy for your for your decision. I will atempt to send other pics. Love you much and miss you.

  3. so proud…
    Jessica dear,
    I’m so proud of you and your new adventure! I’ve always looked up to you in so many ways but your passion for life and new experiences is definitely something I truly admire and aspire to. Keep you head up dear and keep on smiling, because golly it’s gorgeous! Know that you are deeply missed around here (esp. by me!) hope to hear more from you soon!
    All my c-house love,
    (and your mom too!)

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