There has been much confusion over exactly where I am, so for those of you not familiar with the homeland, here´s a brief lesson in Spanish geography:

Spain is composed of 17 comunidades autónomas, or autonomous communities. This is something like an American state, having its own government, board of jurisdiction, and turism/social departments. The community in which Barcelona is located is Cataluña. La Coruña, where I am now, is in the community of Galicia, on the far northwest side of Spain (it´s the part that sticks out over Portugal). Next to Galicia is Asturias, another community which is only one province. Provinces are smaller breakups of each community, something like “the northwest suburbs” in Illinois, only more official. Galicia has four provinces, and I am in the one that is called La Coruña (same name as the city). Santiago de Compostela, the other city I am interested in, is in the same province.

Madrid is unique in that it is, first, the capital, but also its own community, province, and city all rolled into one.

Interesting, huh?


3 thoughts on “addendum

    • Also …
      The D.F. in Mexico is autonomous, Beijing is a seperate province (like Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tianjin) and I’m pretty sure Moscow governs itself as a political unit outside of any other provincial authority. I think it’s a pretty common arrangement. Not universal, by any means, but pretty common in States that are large enough to be broken up into distinct provincial units.
      I wonder if this could be traced to a source somewhere — Rome and the Forbidden City were both given more-or-less cosmological significance as the central pivot the universe.

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