marvels and wonders

I seem to always accidentally come across very strange and wonderful things here. This is a list of just a few of the strange and wonderful things I have seen recently:

-On a particularly rainy day, the sky suddenly cleared and a brilliant rainbow appeared in the pink-orange sky, situated almost purposely right above the cathedral. If that wasn’t a postcard moment, I don’t know what is.

-Last night on our way to a club at about 3:00am, a man rode by on a unicycle. My friends didn’t even notice.

-Friday night, as we wandered around in search of a bar we had heard about, we came across a secret plaza where many people were gathered. Three musicians, two drummers and a bagpiper, were playing lively gallego tunes and six twentysomethings, in sweatpants and sweaters, were dancing traditional gallego dance (like Scottish dance) in the middle of the street, for no apparent reason at all.

-In one corner of the cathedral, at midnight, a shadow shines down from the moon just so, so that a perfect silhouette of the pilgrim Santiago, with hat, cane, shell, and everything, is projected perfectly onto the stone wall. I still can’t quite figure it out.

-A few weeks ago, there was a pilgrim seen in the Plaza Obradoiro (in front of the cathedral)…with his donkey, who he had brought along on the journey to carry his things, all medieval-like. That’s pretty sweet.

-I realized that there are several locations in town which serve the fabled and mysterious Absinthe. I’m not planning on trying it anytime soon, but it’s very bohemian all the same.

Sometimes we live in a circus.


5 thoughts on “marvels and wonders

  1. absinthe(!)
    If it looks like mouthwash, screw it, it’s just something like 180 proof booze. Nasty, flammable stuff. If it’s cloudy and looks like it has bad stories hidden in foggy green infinities, then buy me a bottle, please! I’ll get you something cool from China.

  2. Same here. Nouvelle Orleans is brewed by the guy who practically rediscovered it. Wired had a great article about Absinthe. It’s not so much dangerous anymore re: outright toxins. Long term effects of mixing a strong shot of alcohol with herbal stimulants might be a different kind of danger altogether.

  3. Is this true absinthe or fake absinthe? Absinthe with the hallucinogenic properties is only sold in a few countries. I think 2 maybe 3 (atleast thats what I was told), I don’t believe santiago was one of them. You can buy absinthe over here but its not the same. Its not the real stuff. That is probably what you are seeing. BUT, if I am wrong, send me a bottle and I will send you something from here. Be it cash or something you miss from home. Oh and i would suggest trying it atleast once. It is a blast. Put some sugar on a spoon, pour a shot of absinthe over the spoon into a coffee mug, light what ever is left in the spoon and slowly drop it into the cup, stir it and shoot it. Very tasty. Makes for interesting dreams and a good night.

      • Re: your experience
        Well fake absinthe is nothing special. You might as well just get a bottle of gin or vodka or rum. It all does the same. REAL Absinthe on the other hand will make you hallucinate. Ever wonder how Edgar Allen Poe got to be so vivid. What do you think his drink of choice was. Unfortunately, it was most likely also the thing that killed him, not tuberculosis

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