because it’s too good not to share

So, I have this ice cube tray. It’s the alphabet one Verena got for me when I started school. I love it. Anyway, I whenever I make ice, I am careful to fill all the sections and put it carefully in the freezer. Yet, whenever I pull it out, one of the letters is always missing – the M. At first I thought that someone was borrowing my ice, but it seemed strange that it was always only when I first made fresh ice, and it was always the M. Then I started to suspect that I was just being clumsy and accidentally leaving the M section empty when I filled the tray. But after a few careful watchings of the ice process, the M was still consistently missing. This has been going on for months, and has continually mystified me. Tonight I pulled my fresh ice tray out of the freezer and sure enough – the M was missing. Baffled, I went to show Verena, who said, “Maybe there’s a hole in it.”

I’m not sure why that had never occurred to me. In my defense, the hole was so small as to be barely visible, and not large enough to drip a noticeable amount of water on the way from the sink to the freezer. But still. Sometimes I wonder how I make it through the world.


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