global village

This week was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad week.

But the weekend made up for it.

Last night was a truly international experience. Jill and I had doner kebap for dinner (kebab, in Spain, is always spelled kebap, and I always think it’s funny). Doner kebap is basically Turkish gyros, and it is sooooo delicious. I was looking forward to that all week. Then we went with three of my French friends to see Salif Keita, a French-African singer who I like a lot. I picked up his CD by chance one day at Borders, and it is still one of the best ones I own. I was very excited too, because he doesn’t tour in the US, and even in Spain there were only two concerts – one in Barcelona and one here in Santiago. The show was absolutely excellent. He made everyone stand up and dance, but unlike typical American crowds, Spaniards really get into it. People were clapping, dancing in the aisles, singing along, and cheering like mad. At the end, he invited all the people in the front on stage and everyone danced. And all my friends, who had never heard of him before, really enjoyed the show. Afterwards we went and had a drink at a tiny little hole-in-the-wall, and then met up with Verena and the German girls to go Latin dancing at a club near our house. It was a good time and I met some new people and discovered some new places, which always makes me happy.


2 thoughts on “global village

  1. Mmmmmmm
    Doner kebap … That’s almost all I ate in Germany. God damn, I’ve been missing American food for months. Now I miss the Turks too.
    And they brought coffee to the West, too! Vienna, about 400 years ago. Let those people into the EU ASAP! They might be holding out on more food.

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