como cambia la vida

I was supposed to start back at work yesterday but all my classes were cancelled. Two of my students haven’t called at all so I’m assuming they’re not coming back. I have $128 in the bank and $11,000 in student loans which I must pay back now. I am still an illegal immigrant. This morning, my mirror fell and shattered into a thousand pieces. This can’t be a good sign for 2006.

So far, things are not working out the way I had planned. Yet they rarely do anyway, so I suppose there’s still hope. There are 355 days left to turn things around.

But right now, I’m frustrated, bored, and bordering on bankrupt. I don’t know where to go from here but I suppose the only way is up. Here’s hoping.

you got a fast car
i wanna take it to anywhere
maybe we can make a deal
maybe together we can get somewhere
anyplace is better
starting from zero got nothing to lose
maybe we’ll make something
me myself i got nothing to prove

you got a fast car
is it fast enough so we can fly away?
we gotta make a decision
leave tonight or live and die this way


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