USUALLY, I am VERY patient when it comes to bad translations and bad pronunciations. I’ve put up with “Smiles and Tears” (the Spanish translation of “The Sound of Music”), “Shit Job” (“Office Space”), and “Two Stoned Guys” (“Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle”). I’ve tried to understand Bunny Lice (Vanilla Ice), Sin Pin (Sean Penn), and Don Limpio (Mr. Clean).

HOWEVER…I have today seen the apocalyptic horse of destruction in the form of the film “Beetlejuice.” Now, “beetlejuice” is not really a word, although “beetle” and “juice” ARE words, but the understanding of this name is absolutely intrinsic to the film. Beetlejuice just wouldn’t be the same if he had any other name, such as “Worm Milk” or “Fly Sauce”. BUT, the Spaniards just don’t understand the importance of this name. As a result, they have disgracefully translated the title to (are you ready?):


It’s literally the Spanish pronunciation of “Beetlejuice” and there is no excuse for it. Of course, it would be hard to repeat “jugo de escarabajo” three times fast, but that’s not the point. This is one of the few cases where a liberal translation would have been welcomed, even encouraged. And instead, it is one of the (very) few cases where Spaniards try to maintain the original title, although massacred beyond recognition. I had to leave the video store when I saw that.

Spain is different.


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  1. haha, oh jess. i miss you more than i realized. but am VERY aware of how much after reading this entry. *sigh* i miss the days you’d storm into my room, plop down on the futon and speak feverishly at break-neck pace about some sort of societal injustice. Just like Bitelchus.
    i love you my jessica.

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