Well, that time is upon us again: I am back in Spain with very few restaurants to choose from, no one to cook for me, and cold, rainy fall weather setting in. You know what that means:

cooking time!

I am already compiling a list of new recipes to try this year, including:
-blueberry muffins (that sounds easy until you realize there are no blueberries here!)
-peach cobbler
-homemade pizza (and crust, of course)
-various chicken recipes (vesuvio? marsala?)
-marinated salmon
-eggplant parmesan
-soup! as well as my favorite stew…mmmm
-and BREAD! all kinds of bread! homemade, kneaded-by-hand bread!!! Challah, cheese bread, grain bread, fruit bread…so many breads to choose from!
-and, as can never be forgotten….COOOOOOOKIES!

As you can see, I am very excited. Most of my cooking these days revolves around trying to create and alter recipes so that Carlos will eat them, because Carlos does not like:
-garlic (of course, anything worth eating has copious amounts of both onion AND garlic)
-pasta with holes (don’t ask why)
-cream (which means no cream sauces, creamy dips, etc.etc.)
-almost everything else

He does like:
-aparagus (the white kind that comes pickled in cans of vinegar…yuck!)
-artichokes (the most ridiculous, least-flavorful vegetable ever created)
-beets (need I say more?)

So, it gives me a little challenge, and an extreme sense of satisfaction when he actually likes something. Anyways, onward ho! To the kitchen, I say! Go forth and sautee!

…it’s pretty sad how much I love food.


2 thoughts on “domesticus

  1. how about….
    *I* come to spaing and you cook for ME. 🙂
    I’ll eat everything your boyfriend doesn’t like! I love garlic, onion and hell, I’ll even spring for some holey pasta.
    Enjoy the cooking dear. I have beautiful images of you banging around the kitchen.

  2. consider this, you are a part of the darin blood line…and as such have the ability to cook….a skill that many people lack and wish to have…
    you’ll do fine…
    oh, and did i mention that the first major that i’m seriously persuing at the moment is culinary arts?….yea….
    anyways….i should come visit you sometime in the next year or so…when i dont konw, between work and school i have absolutly no time to do ANYTHING…aside from playing in my band and sleeping…
    reguardless….just wanted to say hi i guess….talk to you later cuz

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