sunset at the end of the world

Well, it was an exhausting week with five new students and visits from Hanna and Verena. We went to the park, got sunburned, saw an orchestra, ate ice cream, drank coffee, went to the beach, listened to music, danced, laughed, sang too loud, had a wine and cheese picnic, prayed to the sun, stayed up late, got dressed up, got lost, huddled under umbrellas, took hundreds of pictures, made funny faces, helped find lost cameras, got sand thrown on us by little boys, saw our favorite band play, had spicy peppers, ran into old acquaintances, jumped over fires, watched gaiteros play, ate breakfast in a garden, talked about girly things, watched a sunset, saw the end of the world, cooked together, and generally had adventures.

It was a good time.
…And of course we planned for more adventures.

Photos of the many adventures, as well as Ascension, which was back in May, are here.


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