So, I suppose many of you already know, but…

My world travels are taking a short hiatus in light of recent heart-breaking events.

Carlos broke up with me, so I am back home for a while, until I figure out what to do and where to go next. I’m sorry I won’t get to tell you all more about Germany. Maybe someday.

Anyway, before I left I had managed to take some more pictures, so here they are. Berlin’s photo album was updated with a few extras, and I added a new album: Minden-Westfalen. These were the pictures I took when I spent the (last) weekend at Hanna’s house in the German countryside. It was beautiful, and slow, and peaceful, and quiet. We saw water mills, wind mills, hilltops, and valleys. I woke to the sound of cows and church bells, ate walnut ice cream and home-cooked food. We had coffee in little cafes and picked apples and pears from an orchard. We rode bicycles to a field where we picked wildflowers while people on horses passed leisurely by. Then we had a big party and drank and laughed and practiced our English/German skills and listened to music and lit candles and ate candy and had a fantastic time. On Sunday, Hanna’s father cooked a barbecue for us, complete with traditional bratwurst. Everything was wonderful, and seeing Hanna only made it that much better. It was a prelude to the sadness to come, but still, it was a nice last memory of Germany, and I’m glad I got to see something outside of Berlin before I left.

Well, take a look, and check back, because soon I’m sure I’ll be somewhere else.


4 thoughts on “news

  1. vaya!! lo siento mucho…
    llegué a ti porque te recomendó Crunia en su LJ, vivo en Madrid, pero soy una Santiaguesa “detodalavida” a la que casi le rompes el corazon de morriña con tus descripciones de Santiago (ese cafe! como lo hecho de menos!!)
    Espero que no te importe que te haya añadido a friends

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