…Comme si je n’existe pas…

One of the culminating moments in any language learning experience is the moment when something you’ve heard, read, or seen a million times before finally begins to make sense. That happened to me yesterday with the song “Aisha” by Algerian singer Khaled, who I saw in concert back in February of last year. I’ve been listening to that song since then, loving the tune and the voice, but never truly understanding it, unless you count Outlandish’s English remix. Suddenly, on Sunday afternoon, sitting in the park and trying to do my homework, it was like a light went on somewhere and I suddenly heard real words, real sentences, flowing into song, once incomprehensible, now making perfect sense!

This is why I love language learning. I love the moment when it begins to reveal itself to you slowly, as if you’ve unlocked a mystery, found a hidden clue somewhere, set a keystone in place – and wheels begin to turn, lights begin to shine. I love that all the clues you need are already in front of you, and when they finally make sense, you feel as if you’ve just made civilization’s greatest discovery.

Now if only I could speak to people without stuttering, blushing, and making a fool out of myself…


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