World Music Showcase #2

I realized that I forgot to post the next entry for my World Music Showcase, and even though I’m still ANGRY (see previous post), I am going to post it and hope it cheers me up.

So, the next artist you should all know about is:


According to their cute like Wikipedia entry (which they probably wrote themselves), they are an “indiepop” band. I think that’s pretty accurate. I feel like my Coffeehouse friends might like this group (Lauren Henderson, for some reason, I’m thinking of you when I say this). They were just in Brussels a week ago, but I couldn’t go to the concert because 1) it was sold out, and 2) I was in Brugge. I think they’re currently one of (if not THE) Belgium’s hottest rock groups.

On their MySpace page, you can sample quite a few of their songs, but they’re not my favorites. Here are some videos so you can listen/see:

Bees and Butterflies…I think this is one of their most well-known songs. I love it. There’s no video for this song, but this particular one has the best sound quality.

Found in the Ground….I also love this one.

….and Casper, too. 🙂

Hope you enjoy!


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