World Music Showcase #3

A lot has happened since last week, and last week’s angry post, but I didn’t feel like writing about any of it. Everything has calmed down. I passed my French exam and have skipped a level into the next course. I have a place to live with Alice, an Italian girl I met the first night here. We only speak French together, and she invites me to cool events all the time. I think this is a good move.

Anyway, last week I posted in the Belgians community, and I discovered a TON of awesome new music to share with everyone. This one has been my favorite so far, so I am pleased to present the next Belgian artist you should all know about:


Okay, actually he’s Puerto Rican, but he’s lived in Belgium since he was 17, and is very popular here, so I think that counts. His music is…well, I think his MySpace describes it as something like an orgasm for the ears. The audio equiavlent of 169 proof alcohol. Anyway, here are some of my favorite songs/videos:

“Angelhead”…he sings mostly in English, rather than in the Dutch of his hometown of Ghent. That’s probably better.

“Baby Lone Star”…I love the rhythm of this song, and its many layers…. the same reason I also love “Broad Day Light”. It always makes me want to sing along!

In Spanish, I love “Tu No Me Quieres”, not only because it makes me want to dance, but because I think the video is funny.

To me, Gabriel Rios is an extremely creative artist who manages to combine Puerto Rican rhythms and danceability with European pop into something everybody can like, but that doesn’t sound just like everything else out there. Find out more at his MySpace page.

The great thing about Belgian artists, too, is that when they do tours, you know it won’t be long before they’ll be performing in your city, or somewhere nearby. There’s not a lot of ground to cover here! Gabriel Rios, live, March 26 – Leuven. I’m there! 🙂

(Hey, is anybody reading/enjoying these things?)


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