A Letter of Appreciation to Skype

Dear Skype,

Thank you for existing. Thank you for recognizing that it is virtually impossible for people to access reliable, affordable, easy-to-use international telephone service when in foreign countries. Thank you for SkypeIn, which allows me to have a U.S. phone number connected to my computer so that my friends and family can call me for next to nothing, and I don’t have to stand outside in the rain at midnight to use a phone booth. That means that I can talk to my mom and dad every Sunday without having to fight with the mean guy at the corner kiosk who sold me invalid phone cards, or with the phone booth which will only take Belgacom cards that charge 1.45 euro/minute for international calls, or with hard-to-navigate and often sneaky cell phone plans with hidden charges and double rates. This also makes my life easier so that, when I have to call PayPal’s customer service center and be on hold for 830000 minutes, I can comfortably surf the net and don’t get charged anything at all. Thanks for understanding what it’s like to live somewhere else, and how difficult it is to deal with the day-to-day details of international living sometimes (banks, phones, and all that other crap you never think about until you’re thousands of miles away). Thanks for not making my life any harder, and in fact, making it a whole lot easier.

With sincerest gratitude,


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