Hey, remember when I said I was going to Greece?

Just kidding.

The company called me today, while I was at the airport waiting for my flight to Madrid, and informed me that I will no longer be going to Greece, but will instead be going to:


Man, when they said you had to be flexible and adaptable for this job, they weren’t kidding. Nothing like being sent halfway around the world from where you expected on absolutely no notice! It’s a good thing I am both flexible and adaptable. Plus, I’ve never been to Asia, let alone Indonesia, so I’m pretty excited. What I’m not excited about is spending 18 hours getting there. Awesome!

Don’t worry, I am as ignorant about Indonesia as probably everyone else reading this is, so there will be plenty of lessons coming up to educate the masses (example: Dad: “What language do they speak in Indonesia?” Me: “I have no idea but I’m looking up the Wikipedia right now….Oh….apparently they speak Indonesian. Hmm, could’ve guessed that…”). That’s all I’ve got time to say now, but there will definitely be updates soon!

And thanks for all your information, Erich, even though it will be completely useless now! Have you by any chance been to Indonesia???? 🙂


One thought on “PLAN B

  1. Indonesia
    Ever-body knows Indonesia was Bali. It’s a beautiful country and now mostly Muslim. Friends have been there in the past and they all say it’s great. Thank G_d for the internet, they have anything you want to know and much more. Just go with the flow and you’ll certainly have agreat experience.
    Abuelo viejo loco

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