Chasing pavements

So after a few weeks here, I find myself feeling lonely and homesick. It’s always like that at the beginning, going anywhere new, facing new uncertainties. But even more than that, I find myself being Belgium-sick.

I guess it’s not that strange really. I’ve moved something like 17 times in the past eight years, so I guess my mind subconsciously hangs on to whatever recent stability it had and imagines that it’s some kind of home. And maybe also because, despite the difficulty of finding a job there, I really liked it. I miss the diversity, the African influence, listening to Khaled on my walk to school in the morning, wandering the streets on weekends, eating frites from paper cones, meeting people in museum parks, drinking mint tea the way only true Moroccans can make it, spending evenings with Alice and Pierre and Sofia…

I think I’ve had this feeling before, of feeling homesick for something that’s not really home…but it’s still sort of a strange phenomenon. I just need to find my place here.

Blah blah blah, yeah I know. You’re thinking, enough about you and all your feelings…tell us more about Indonesia and all the ways you can catch malaria and typhoid! Show us pictures of exotic animals and tell us stories about getting lost in the jungle! We want palm trees and beaches and birds of paradise!

Okay okay…I’m going to Bali this weekend, so hopefully I will post the first pictures of Indonesia when I return…be careful what you wish for!


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