Selamat tinggal masa lalu… (Alternate title: 101 Things I Learned in Indonesia)

…and there’s still more to say about Indonesia. You know, I remember the first entry I posted upon arriving, where I noted all the 101 ways you can die here (and there are many!). But ironically, I feel that in Indonesia, I have learned more about how to live. I learned a lot here, and I’m sure there are 101 things that this country has taught me: Here is where I learned how to ride a motorbike. Where I learned what pineapple and watermelon really taste like. Where I learned that jellyfish stings really hurt…and that you should really take an antihistamine if you get one. Where the word “orang-utan” comes from. Where I learned how to pee in an Asian toilet. How to dance dangdut. Where I conquered my fear of flying, and that nothing tastes better than red snapper grilled on an ocean beach and eaten on the sand.

But Indonesia is also where I learned to trust the unknown, to let go. That time really will heal a broken heart. That friends can be found in the most unlikely places, and that a smile goes a long way. It’s where I learned that no matter how many places you’ve seen or people you’ve met, there is still so much in this world to surprise and fascinate you. Really. And most importantly, I learned that there is nothing –nothing– to be afraid of.

For those lessons, Indonesia, I will always be grateful.

Pictures of four months of adventures and life lessons here.

selamat tinggal masa lalu
selamat datang lembar baru
selamat tinggal cinta lalu
selamat datang cinta baru…


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