A Public Service Announcement from the (Sort of) World Traveler Blog

All I want for Christmas is…

…is for you go to out and vote for Obama.

I won’t ask for presents.
I won’t ask for candy.
I won’t even sniffle at coal in my stocking.

I just want a shiny new President with Action-Packed Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Policies and a Super Duper Healthcare Plan.

I want the Diplomatic Vice President Attachment, and the Special Broad Worldview X-Ray Vision.

I want the Instant Wise Words Button and the Amazing Infallible Nonsense-O-Meter.

I want the Civil Rights Awareness Special Edition with the Hope for America Light-Up Feature.

I promise that, if you give me Obama for President, I will never ask for anything else, because my faith in America, in our future, and in our people, will be restored.


*Batteries included – ready for instant change!


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