What’s in a name?

To the American voting public, I have only two words for you tonight:


President Elect Barack Hussein Obama…. I like the sound of that.

To anyone that gets hung up on Obama’s name, please have some perspective:

There are people (not person, I’m talking PLURALS here) in the Philippines named Dingdong.
Like, that’s their real name. Full name. On their birth certificate. How can anyone with a name like Dingdong expect to be taken seriously?

There’s also a varied selection of Cha-Cha, Jo-jo, Joc-joc, Ma-Bel, Ma-An, and various other ridiculous shortenings and repetitions of otherwise lovely names.

There are also Bing, Beng, and Bong (again, more than one!). All they’re missing is Boom.

There are also entire families composed of: a) names beginning with the same letter, like Robert, Rita, and Ron; b) the same name in various form, like Jack, Jackie, and Jacklyn.

So before you whine about Obama’s middle name, imagining addressing His Excellency Sir Dingdong.


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