bon apetit volume two

Combinations of Foods that Should Never Go Together But Which Filipinos Enjoy:

-Hotdog and marshmallow. Flower-shaped pastel marshmallow. Neon red hotdog. Both on a toothpick.

-Fish and banana. Fried together into something that looks tasty, but which is like a nasty, nausea-inducing roller coaster for the tongue.

-Grape and hamburger. Yes. On my hamburger today at lunch, there were no dill pickles. No onion rings. Just grapes. And alfalfa sprouts. Oh, and mango.

-Bean and ice cream. Or corn and ice cream. Or cheese and ice cream. Basically anything with ice cream. I believe I’ve mentioned this before.

And, the kicker, which I enjoyed today for the first time:

-Durian coffee. Yes, you heard me. It is indeed a combination of that prickly, smelly, sickening fruit which is prohibited in most hotels and is often likened to:
-dirty socks
-rotten eggs
-putrid onions
-any combination of the above
(…yet enjoyed by nutcases the world over).

Okay, I have yet to actually try durian fruit, but I have to say, smell aside, durian and coffee strangely go well together. And this wasn’t some kind of sweetened artificial durian syrup, this was the real thing. Now when I actually try durian, I will expect it to taste like coffee…or ass.

You gotta love the Philippines.


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