So, after over ONE MONTH of not posting (very bad!!!!), you all probably thought I had died, probably from ingestion of corn ice cream or too much durian or something.

But no, I am still here, in Manila. I did, however, spend several weeks circumnavigating the globe and visiting various airports in my attempt to spend Christmas in Chicago. It went something like this:


Chicago was perfect, really snowy and cold and there were fireplaces and turkeys and Christmas trees and cookies and I got to spend time with my family and friends. New Year’s was (unexpectedly) spent at an Indian temple, where I sat on the floor and ate home-cooked Indian food and caught up on everything from high school on. It was great!

Madrid was also nice, as I attended a black tie office party and also stuffed myself with as much tortilla and jamon as I could manage. You never know when I might be back there, after all!

Then it was on to Manila with Qatar Airways, now high on my top five list of airlines. From Doha to Manila we managed to scam free (*free*) upgrades to Business Class. I have never flown Business Class. It was so amazing that it actually deserves its own post, to come soon.

We landed in Manila where I proceeded to immediately come down with a fever and all manner of phegm-seeping ailments. Luckily it was an easy workweek and I recovered over the weekend.

Now it is back into the full swing of things and back into Asian life (“Hello Mamsir”) and back with my good friends Carlo, Osho, Nini, and the rest. Oh, and Nick, of course.

My resolutions for 2009, for the (Sort Of) World Traveler Blog:

1. Write More. No, seriously. Like, once a week. A one-month lapse is just simply unacceptable. My mind is full of backlogged posts and memories not yet written. It’s just a matter of taking the time.

2. Go to the Middle East. That could happen sooner rather than later. I hope it does.

3. Go to Morocco. When I have vacation time this year, this will be my first destination. DEFINITELY.

More to come soon, I promise (see resolution #1)! New year, new blog!