Goodbye Manila, hello Manama!

I have known for a while about my next destination, but didn’t want to publicly announce it in case it changed (case in point: Greece). But I am already here, so I can announce that I am now in:


….and am absolutely ecstatic! I have been dreaming about the Middle East since I got this job, so I couldn’t be more excited. And to go to Bahrain is perfect, because it’s like an Arab World Primer, a tiny place where everything is more liberal and modern but still fits in with Muslim traditions and an age-old culture. So far, it’s awesome!

I have been here about twenty-four hours and have already smoked shisha, visited the Grand Mosque, and gone to a camp in the desert. Imagine what I can do in the next few months!

It shouldn’t be hard to see everything, considering the size of Bahrain. Bahrain is very close to Saudi Arabia, but comparing them would be like comaparing a fly and an elephant. No, seriously, look at this map. It’s tiny!

But for such a small place, it’s packed with stuff. Not only is it home to the Tree of Life, a four-thousand-year-old fort, and Formula One race track, but is also known for its pearls, gold, and of course, food (okay, that’s my addition, but still, it counts). You can wander the souqs, or markets, go four-wheeling in the desert, and watch dolphins in the sea. And if you ever run out of things to do here, you can always take a 45-minute flight to Qatar or Dubai for a weekend getaway.

Can you tell I’m excited to be here?! Photos to come soon…

P.S. New Year’s Resolution #1: Done.


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