Year in Review: 2010

I can’t believe it’s been a year (over a year) since I last wrote here. A lot has happened! I quit my job, moved back to Chicago, spent 10 months unemployed, tried out for the Foreign Service, saw all my friends and family, got a job (two actually), got a boyfriend, went to two weddings, visited several states, made a lot of muffins, spent six weeks in Spain in summer, drove to Philadelphia with my cousin, and am now planning on moving back to Spain with said boyfriend. Whew!

Sometimes it really feels like I have lived a thousand lives. There have been so many places, so many different people, so many apartments, and jobs, and coworkers, and friends, and flights, and windows, and conversations, that sometimes it seems like it can’t have been done in only 28 years. This year was another life. A year at home, with renewed friendships, and family, and traditions, and all the things I always miss when I am not in Chicago.

But the year is over, and spring will come soon, and it is time for yet another life, in Spain, with Isaac. So here, in brief, is my year in review – it’s something I write for myself every year since I got this questionnaire in an email several years ago. It helps me remember the big moments of each year, and how I felt, and more importantly, whether I’ve learned anything in the year since. I’m looking forward to 2011, and I hope that this next life will make for new adventures to be written.

A Year in Review…