Extreme Makeover: Spain Edition

The Challenge:

When I moved (back) to Spain in February to live with my boyfriend Isaac, our first task was to redecorate his apartment.

It’s not that it was bad or ugly; the apartment itself is luminous, with huge windows overlooking the hills of Galicia, and manages to fit two bedrooms into a very compact space. It’s five minutes from Isaac’s job in a tranquil part of town. But it was filled to the brim with the owner’s old furniture which didn’t fit our style and definitely wasn’t practical, and we wanted to find pieces that made the most of the very small square footage we live in.

But the overabundance of furniture wasn’t the only difficulty. The kitchen, by far the tiniest room in the house, had zero counter space but managed to take up a whole wall with the ever-present bombona (i.e. propane tank; don’t get me started – this topic is a post in and of itself) and washing machine. Plus, it’s covered in floor-to-ceiling tile, and since it’s a rental, that makes putting up any kind of shelf or wall-mounted furniture out of the question since we can’t drill holes or hammer nails into the wall. Same in the bathroom, which is competely covered in a dark brown tile that somehow manages to make a tiny room feel even smaller. Storage was our first priority since our two closets (the only closets) are a fairly good size (for Spain), but since the doors are only 2/3 of the size of the closet, that leaves a good 1/3 of completely useless and unreachable shelves. Oh, and did I mention that there are no right angles in the whole place?

the bedroom before

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