Summer in Galicia

Talking to Isaac the other day, I realized that this is the first time I’ll spend the entire summer in Spain. Somehow, I’ve always ended up either in the States or traveling somewhere else during the summer months.
Which is a shame, because summer is the absolute best time in Galicia. I mean, first, there’s San Juan, a festival where we burn a bunch of stuff, jump over the bonfire, and eat sardines:

And then there are the beaches:

And the food:

Oops! How’d that get there? That’s another one of my imperialistic moments – the 4th of July flag cake I made for Isaac’s family. Yes, it’s an American flag.

I’m especially looking forward to lobsterfest, and tortillafest, and winefest, and pepperfest, and…are you sensing a theme here? Galicia has literally hundreds of food festivals in summer, honoring everything from clams to liquor. Then there are music festivals, and sunny days, and summer schedule (which means Isaac comes home early on Fridays!), and ribs on the grill (Spanish style), not to mention Santiago’s biggest party of the year.

Why haven’t I spent a whole summer here until now? I don’t know either!


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