Cleo does yoga!

I joined a yoga class a while ago because I work from home and spend too much time sitting at a computer desk. I love yoga; it’s not as intense as running or other aerobic activities, but it definitely helps you stretch and become more flexible and use muscles you don’t often exercise, and move your body in ways you normally wouldn’t. That is, unless your name is Cleo.

Cleo is a master of yoga – a yogi, if you will. Yoga is second (or first!) nature to her. When Cleo is relaxed, she is capable of reaching kitten nirvana by using various and difficult positions, such as:

Long Belly Stretch Position (Strechishasana)

Crescent Backbend Position (Bendishasana)

Invisible Backstroke Position (Swimmishasana)

Crouching Tiger Position (Pouncishasana)

Come-Out-With-Your-Hands-Up Position (Innocentshasana)

And, of course, no yoga session can end without the final resting position and total relaxation:

Delicious Catnap Position (Sleepishasana)

Warning: Do not attempt these positions without the assistance of a trained yogi/kitty and a very bendy backbone.


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