Summer, the whole thing

It’s a rainy late summer day here. I’m sitting here with a cup of tea, listening to Balmorhea, and thinking about…well, the whole summer.
What have we been doing with our time since, oh, May? Well, lots of things, but mostly, planning our wedding. I had no idea what a Universal Time Suck planning a wedding was until I started doing it. And let me tell you, it sucks time.
But we’ve done other things, too:

We jumped over bonfires and ate sardines on the night of San Juan. Do you see the mysterious witch?

Then we spent a very rainy weekend in Asturias, my second favorite place on earth, where we had a terrible meal at the world’s worst restaurant (seriously) followed by several extremely delicious meals that almost made up for it. Oh, and we visited the sanctuary of Covadonga, where there was neither sanctuary, nor peace, nor silence, nor any kind of respect for quiet reflection and spiritual contemplation. At least it was pretty.

Then we watched Spain win the Eurocopa, which only happens every four years and is almost as big a deal as winning the World Cup. And since Spain became the first team ever to consecutively win a Eurocopa, a World Cup, and another Eurocopa, it was REALLY BIG DEAL.


We pulled up the onions that we’d planted way back in spring with Isaac’s parents.

Then we planned a 4th of July party for some friends, complete with homemade hamburgers (and buns), corn on the cob, onion rings (made with those onions we planted!), and homemade hot fudge sundaes.


And then we took a week-long road trip across northern Spain to Bilbao, to see one of our favorite bands, Mumford & Sons, in concert. It was awesome. And the Basque ice cream was to die for (not to mention the incredible pintxos!).

We went kayaking (um, let’s just say the Danish family with two young daughters whipped our butts, but don’t we look just fantastic in our wetsuits?).

We discovered hidden beaches and trespassed on abandoned properties (the abandoned properties of Asturias are another story for another time. The sense of faded glory and the fall of the mighty is overwhelming in the ruins of once-great mansions).

We stayed in Portugalete, north of Bilbao, and home of the famous Hanging Bridge, with its cable car that crosses the ría a million times a day (and was fun to ride).

We crossed the bridge to the town of Getxo on the other side, and wandered its famous boardwalk of historic homes. Then we came back over to our side and wandered around Portugalete, going from bar to bar in search of pintxos.

And of course, we visited the obligatory Guggenheim museum, but mostly to make fun of contemporary art, because really, what’s the point of contemporary art if not to poke fun? Also, the building made us dizzy, but it is truly a feat of modern architecture.

Whew! Then we came home and continued the Wedding Planning Time Suck, which is scheduled to end at approximately 1:30pm on October 6th, and not a moment before. But we are so excited that everyone is coming to visit our little faraway corner of the world, and we can’t wait to see them all and celebrate being together and being in love.
…and then we’re going on vacation!