My name is Jessica. I’m from Chicago. I live in Galicia, Spain.

I lived here for a while, and then I left and traveled the world, but something (what Galicians call morriña) brought me back…and here I am again.

I write about life in Spain, and life in general. I write about things I love about Spain, and things that still confuse me, like why we have to use gas in propane tanks and why yellow cheddar cheese doesn’t exist here.

I write about my boyfriend, Isaac, and our adventures together, which usually involve getting lost in the middle of nowhere in the dark.

I write about our kitten, Cleo, who regularly sleeps with her tongue out and likes licking water off the bathroom floor.

But mostly, I write about Galicia. Its rolling green hills and Celtic spirit. Its superstitions and traditions. Its cold winter nights and warm summer days. Its pine forests and towering stone cliffs. Its farms, its pubs, its hundreds of festas. Its bagpipes and tambourines and ancient songs. Its old soul, still very much alive even after thousands of years.


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